Ten Steps to Prepare for Your Child Custody Battle

Divorce is a very messy business. It is even more so when children are involved. If you find yourself facing a custody battle, prepare yourself to ensure it goes as well as possible for all participants, especially the children.

Step one is to find an experienced attorney to guide you through this difficult process. You want someone you trust will give you the best advice. You don’t want an aggressive lawyer who will make matters worse.

Step two is to learn the child custody laws in your state and which ones apply to your situation. Knowing what to expect will help you create a realistic plan.

Step three is to stay as informed and involved in your children’s lives as possible. Get to know other adults relevant to them, such as teachers. Build up your children’s self-esteem and importance to you. Spend as much time with them as you can when they are with you.

Step four is to be very careful with your lifestyle and parenting choices, whether or not the children are around. You don’t want to do or say anything that could jeopardize your custody rights.

Step five is to document everything relevant to your case. For example, record what your children do when they are with you and when they are with the other parent. Keep revealing texts or other messages from your ex.

Step six is to always be honest with your attorney about everything. He or she can only help you as much as you allow. It may be embarrassing or painful to share some things, but they may have a bearing on your case. Only your lawyer can tell you.

Step seven is to choose your witnesses wisely. Stick with professionals. When it comes to mental health, psychologists and psychiatrists have more credibility in the courtroom than counselors do. Don’t be too friendly with your witnesses either, unless they are family or very close friends.

Step eight is tobe punctual to all your meetings and court hearings. Arriving on time shows your respect for all affected parties.

Step nine is to behave courteously and communicate civilly in all aspects of the custody battle, inside and outside of court. It not only will help your case, but more importantly, it will also make things better for your children.

Step ten is to cooperate and try to find an arrangement that is best for the kids. Now is the time to put your bitter and vengeful feelings aside and focus on the emotional and physical welfare of your children.

If you follow these ten steps, your custody battle will go more smoothly. For more information on a trusted family law attorney in Irvine, visit this website.

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Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects

4Domestic violence can be present in anyone’s relationship; it is not limited by economic status, age, race, education level, or even sexual preference. This phenomenon cuts across all societal divisions and is equally damaging wherever it occurs.

What Causes Domestic Violence?

Control and domination are the essence of this phenomenon. Abusers often claim that they love their partners so intensely that their emotions – and behaviors – spiral out of control, but abuse is not an expression of love. Some factors that increase the likelihood that a relationship will become abusive are:

• Family history of abuse
• Low self-esteem (in both the abuser and the victim)
• A belief that others are objects to be exploited to meet one’s needs
• A previous history of solving problems with violence
• Substance abuse

What Are the Effects of Domestic Violence?

Abusive relationships are always harmful. While it may feel wonderful when the abuser repents and apologizes, a repeated pattern of abuse is always a sign of a troubled relationship. This can have many devastating effects on the victim:

• Depression
• Sleep disruption
• Anxiety
• Inability to trust others
• Disrupted relationships with loved ones, including children
• Substance abuse
• Work problems
• Injury or death if the abuse continues

Effect on Children

It is particularly destructive for children to witness violence and abuse between their parents. Children who experience this dynamic are:

• more likely to engage in substance abuse
• at increased risk for depression and suicide
• more likely to end up in abusive relationships as adults
• more prone to using violence as a way to solve problems

For information about a domestic violence attorney in Irvine, visit this website.

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Facts About Child Support

Child support is meant to provide adequate financial assistance when a parent no longer lives full time in the home. These orders may cover medical care, extracurricular activities, or education as well as the child’s basic needs. You may have heard about this issue primarily in terms of battles between disputing ex-spouses; this angle is typically the focus of news stories about child support, but the facts often become skewed through people’s perceptions of these stories. Here are some facts about child support:

1. Almost a third of custodial parents never receive a dime in payments for their children’s needs, even when they have an established court order.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a perception that noncustodial parents are living a life of luxury at the expense of the children’s other parent. In most instances, this is not the case. On average, child support payments amount to about $430 per month.

2. Men are not the only ones who pay for their children’s support.

While most stories on this topic focus on fathers, women make up about 15% of the total number of parents who are ordered to provide for their children’s financial needs.

3. Child support and visitation are separate legal issues.

These payments are not the noncustodial parent’s “ticket” to visitation; conversely, it is not legal to cut off support payments because the custodial parent makes it difficult to see the child.

4. Child support is governed by tax and bankruptcy law.

You may not discharge these payments in bankruptcy, and while they are tax-free for the custodial parent, the noncustodial parent may not use them as a tax deduction.

For more information on a child support lawyer in Irvine, visit this website.

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Lifting the Veil on Domestic Violence

2Domestic violence affects millions of women, children and even men every year. To affect a positive change and stop the cycle of violence, it’s time to bring this tragedy out of the shadows and into the light.

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Marriage of Lappe | Mediation Does Not Avoid Exchange of Declarations of Disclosure Prior to Entry of Dissolution Judgment

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