Lifting the Veil on Domestic Violence

2Domestic violence affects millions of women, children and even men every year. To affect a positive change and stop the cycle of violence, it’s time to bring this tragedy out of the shadows and into the light.

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Marriage of Lappe | Mediation Does Not Avoid Exchange of Declarations of Disclosure Prior to Entry of Dissolution Judgment

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis is one of the pre-eminent trainers of Certified Family Law Specialists for the Rutter Group and other continuing legal ed seminars… read more

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What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

A divorce can be a difficult time for your family and the agreements made during this period will affect the rest of your life. Therefore, you should not navigate major event without a certified family law specialist who understands the intricacies of what lies ahead. Each state has its own statutes and procedures and without specialized training, a licensed attorney may not know what how to best negotiate terms with the other party. To get the best outcome for everyone, it is best to consult with an experienced professional who is dedicated to the practice of family law.

What is a certified specialist in family law? The standards vary somewhat from state to state, but the guidelines are very similar. First, the attorney must be an active member of the state bar and have updated certifications and continuing education hours. For this specialization, he or she will be required to have a designated number of CE credits in the related to family law. After meeting this requirement, the lawyer must take and pass a written exam. Some individuals study from guidebooks or take a comprehensive class to prepare for the test. If the professional succeeds, he or she can continue to the next part of the certification process.

The post-examination application holds certified family law specialists to an extremely high level of practice and experience. In order to receive their certification, lawyers must demonstrate a minimum of experience in fields such as child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and property division. For example, an attorney must have worked in family law for 25 percent of the last 4 years. Potential specialists have around 18 months to file the remainder of the application. Those become certified must reapply around every five years and complete classroom hours. For this reason, you can trust a certified specialist to have substantial experience in the field and a thorough understanding of family law.

Because of mandatory continuing legal education hours, certified family law specialists are constantly enhancing their skill set and expanding their knowledge of the field. The laws of the state and federal government change and evolve frequently, so any qualified professional needs to stay engaged with his or her environment. As a result, these attorneys have access to an incredible network of practitioners and support. On the whole, a certified specialist is more holistically educated and has invaluable training in the field of family law. They are held to a high standard and carefully regulated by governing bodies. If you want more information about a certified family lawyer in Irvine and their invaluable services, please visit this website.

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Hope for Change

1Life can seem hopeless for those trapped in a violent relationship. Fortunately, there are many programs and agencies dedicated to helping the victims of abuse escape their tormenters and put their lives back together.

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How to Tell if You Suffer From Domestic Violence

Anyone can experience domestic abuse. Often, there is a psychological component to the relationship that leaves the victim taking the blame or denying that there is a problem. Abusive relationships are about one person trying to exercise control over the other. This can occur through the use of manipulation, fear, guilt, shame, and violence. If you aren’t sure whether your relationship has become abusive, consider the following signs:

Your Feelings and Thoughts

Examining your own reactions can help you determine if your relationship has deteriorated into abuse. Do you often find yourself feeling

• as if you can’t do anything right in your relationship?
• as if you’re crazy?
• afraid, helpless, or numb?
• that you cause your partner’s behavior, or that you deserve it?

These thoughts and feelings should not ever be part of any relationship, and they aren’t signs of respect or real love.

Your Partner’s Behavior

If you have a hard time determining whether your partner’s behavior is unreasonable and abusive, imagine how it would look if you were seeing it in someone else’s relationship – a friend, a sibling, or a parent, for example. Does your partner ever

• criticize you and put you down?
• blame you for emotional cruelty or physical violence?
• act jealous or possessive?
• get between you and your friends and family, or forbid you from seeing or communicating with them?
• threaten or hurt you?
• threaten suicide if you were to leave?
• force you to do things you don’t want to do?

A true partner cares about you and your well-being and exhibits behavior that reflects this.

For more information on a domestic violence lawyer in Newport Beach, click here.

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Are My Attorney Fees Paid In Connection With Spousal Support Tax Deductible?

I obtained orders for spousal support, which my husband objected to without success, in our pending dissolution… read more

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Tips for a New Beginning: How a Restraining Order Can Help

One of the most distressing aspects of a relationship issue can be the isolation it may cause. When things go wrong, it can leave you feeling as if you’ve failed in some way. Many people convince themselves that they should have seen warning signs or taken action sooner. It can be very difficult to put feelings of guilt or shame aside and seek help. The fact is that no one is responsible for abuse other than abusers themselves. Asserting your right to get help is an important first step in getting on with your life.

When a relationship is out of control, the most important thing to do is secure immediate protection. There are several types of restraining orders, and you may need one or more of them. Emergency protective orders remain in effect for five business days and are issued to address an imminent threat. Permanent restraining orders can last up to three years; they can be extended at the court’s discretion. Temporary restraining orders provide a bridge between the two, lasting for two to three weeks while the victim waits for a hearing on a permanent order.

Civil harassment occurs when a person to whom you are not related tries to control or intimidate you. This may stem from a dating relationship that has soured, a neighbor who has become enraged over a perceived slight, a friendship that has gone wrong, or any number or other situations in which someone makes you the object of obsessive rage. A restraining order can end all contact, preventing the aggressor from interfering with your life, home, or other property.

Domestic violence is a common reason to seek a restraining order. Domestic violence victims need immediate protection to begin the process of figuring out how to move forward. Spouses’ lives are intricately interwoven, making it especially critical for the victim to be able to establish boundaries and space for clear-headed decision making in order to formulate a sound plan for a new start.

Elder or dependent adult abuse gets less attention than other forms of abuse, but can leave the victim particularly isolated and frightened. In these situations it is often another concerned party who starts the process of seeking a restraining order, which can temporarily remove the victim from dependence on the abuser so that steps can be taken to ensure long-term safety.

Workplace abuse can be particularly frightening since it threatens the victim’s livelihood. It’s essential to seek the court’s help to put a stop to the abuse without preventing the victim from continuing to earn a living.

To learn more about the types of restraining orders and how they can help you, visit this website

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