How to Tell if You Suffer From Domestic Violence

Anyone can experience domestic abuse. Often, there is a psychological component to the relationship that leaves the victim taking the blame or denying that there is a problem. Abusive relationships are about one person trying to exercise control over the other. This can occur through the use of manipulation, fear, guilt, shame, and violence. If you aren’t sure whether your relationship has become abusive, consider the following signs:

Your Feelings and Thoughts

Examining your own reactions can help you determine if your relationship has deteriorated into abuse. Do you often find yourself feeling

• as if you can’t do anything right in your relationship?
• as if you’re crazy?
• afraid, helpless, or numb?
• that you cause your partner’s behavior, or that you deserve it?

These thoughts and feelings should not ever be part of any relationship, and they aren’t signs of respect or real love.

Your Partner’s Behavior

If you have a hard time determining whether your partner’s behavior is unreasonable and abusive, imagine how it would look if you were seeing it in someone else’s relationship – a friend, a sibling, or a parent, for example. Does your partner ever

• criticize you and put you down?
• blame you for emotional cruelty or physical violence?
• act jealous or possessive?
• get between you and your friends and family, or forbid you from seeing or communicating with them?
• threaten or hurt you?
• threaten suicide if you were to leave?
• force you to do things you don’t want to do?

A true partner cares about you and your well-being and exhibits behavior that reflects this.

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