Tips for a New Beginning: How a Restraining Order Can Help

One of the most distressing aspects of a relationship issue can be the isolation it may cause. When things go wrong, it can leave you feeling as if you’ve failed in some way. Many people convince themselves that they should have seen warning signs or taken action sooner. It can be very difficult to put feelings of guilt or shame aside and seek help. The fact is that no one is responsible for abuse other than abusers themselves. Asserting your right to get help is an important first step in getting on with your life.

When a relationship is out of control, the most important thing to do is secure immediate protection. There are several types of restraining orders, and you may need one or more of them. Emergency protective orders remain in effect for five business days and are issued to address an imminent threat. Permanent restraining orders can last up to three years; they can be extended at the court’s discretion. Temporary restraining orders provide a bridge between the two, lasting for two to three weeks while the victim waits for a hearing on a permanent order.

Civil harassment occurs when a person to whom you are not related tries to control or intimidate you. This may stem from a dating relationship that has soured, a neighbor who has become enraged over a perceived slight, a friendship that has gone wrong, or any number or other situations in which someone makes you the object of obsessive rage. A restraining order can end all contact, preventing the aggressor from interfering with your life, home, or other property.

Domestic violence is a common reason to seek a restraining order. Domestic violence victims need immediate protection to begin the process of figuring out how to move forward. Spouses’ lives are intricately interwoven, making it especially critical for the victim to be able to establish boundaries and space for clear-headed decision making in order to formulate a sound plan for a new start.

Elder or dependent adult abuse gets less attention than other forms of abuse, but can leave the victim particularly isolated and frightened. In these situations it is often another concerned party who starts the process of seeking a restraining order, which can temporarily remove the victim from dependence on the abuser so that steps can be taken to ensure long-term safety.

Workplace abuse can be particularly frightening since it threatens the victim’s livelihood. It’s essential to seek the court’s help to put a stop to the abuse without preventing the victim from continuing to earn a living.

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