Qualities of a Top Child Custody Lawyer

When you and your spouse are going through a divorce, working out child custody is one of the most difficult parts of the separation. It takes a special lawyer to protect the best interests of your children, while maintaining your best interests.

Experience and Knowledge

A top child custody lawyer will have experience in divorce and family issues. If you have to be concerned about federal statutes, such as if a parent is in the military, you want a lawyer who knows how to navigate multi-jurisdictional custody issues. Look for someone with experience in family court.

Negotiation Skills

Your attorney will most often attempt to work out an arrangement before the courtroom. Having the skills to negotiate and mediate this agreement saves time and money for you, and helps you get the points that you want. An attorney who is familiar with mediation or alternative dispute resolution procedures can help you avoid litigation.

Reputation and Trust

Other lawyers and clients can tell you a lot about your attorney. A top quality child custody lawyer will be respected in the community and come recommended. Because you are placing so much trust in your attorney, you need to be able to confide in them. It’s important to have confidence that your attorney can deal with the good and the bad effectively. Your lawyer needs to listen to you and your goals. Your objectives and those of your children need to come first. To learn more about finding a top child custody lawyer in Palm Desert, click here.


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