Identifying Domestic Violence

Whether you are in an abusive relationship or you are concerned that someone you know is in one, it is helpful to know what qualifies as domestic violence. Some of the signs are obvious, but there are many that are less apparent. If you can identify violent behavior for what it is, you are one step closer to getting yourself or someone you love out of a dangerous situation.

1. Domestic violence is physical abuse

Physical abuse is the most obvious sign of domestic violence and includes choking, hitting, slapping, pushing, or throwing things at the victim. Keep in mind that if it causes harm, it is abuse.

2. Domestic Violence is Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is harder to identify. It can include threatening, pressuring a partner to do or stop doing something, name calling, and intimidating. Signs could include one partner being overly controlling, one partner feeling scared or anxious, and a pattern of declining social interaction by one partner.

3. Domestic Violence can happen to any member of the family

While statistically, men tend to abuse women more than the other way around, abuse can happen from a woman to a man, within same-sex relationships, and from adults to children. It is not necessary for partners to be married or for adults to be the biological parent of children. Any behavior from one member of a family or couple to another that is abusive is considered domestic violence.

In situations where domestic violence is happening, get safe and get help. You may want to contact a domestic violence attorney in San Diego, visit this website for more information.


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