What is Child Support Modification?

Navigating the seas of your child support ruling can be difficult when unexpected changes enter your life. Even the most diligent of mothers or fathers can experience situations that make meeting child support payments difficult, if you find yourself unable to pay, it may be necessary to make some changes. Child support modification is the process of changing that agreement to be more relevant with current situations.

Making Changes

Child support agreements are legal, binding agreements between divorced couples. In many cases it is necessary to appear before a judge in order to complete the process. However, certain situations and judges may include a special clause in the agreement that will allow you to alter their payments yearly in accordance to your income and other economic factors.

In the event that you lose your job, or are involved in a medical emergency, it’s important that you promptly request modification. If possible, discussing the modification with the other parent and attempting to come to some agreement prior to officially requesting may help the process move more quickly.

Organization Helps

Regardless of the reason for your request to modify, it is recommended that the requesting parent organize themselves.

  • proper documentation
  • estimated date to resume agreed payment amount
  • income/cost of living paperwork
  • understanding of state laws
  • understanding of current child support agreement

Making an effort to have these types of things ready when you want to modify your child support agreement can prevent confusion, and in some cases even increase the likelihood of approval. For more information about a child support attorney in San Diego, please visit this website.


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